Supercharge Your Nonprofit! with Collaboration

Running a successful nonprofit organization is tough - BUT it doesn’t need to be as difficult as we make it!  Consider creating a collaboration with a local business leader and join the community together!

If you don't have a local business leader to collaborate with, then this community is the collaboration you need even if you join alone you can find others who support your journey.
Gain the step-by-step process to expand your success and sustainability. You CAN do it! We Can Help!
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Focus on 2020 year-end funding opportunities!

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Why This Program is Good for You!

  • 1

    To minimize the risk of an uncertain future

    Half or more of the new nonprofit organizations that are started each year will close without fulfilling their mission. Good ideas, a needed service, a great product, education for the less fortunate, and other worthy  values to impact lives are simply not enough. You need much, much more. With the today's many uncertainties, it's essential to have external support like you get here.

  • 2

    To create a plan to attract funding and engage the community

    All too often, visionaries have great ideas, but don't know how to create a system for others to understand how to participate, how to give and how to share the need. Having a strategic plan and a system for implementation is the start of of the path to success. The challenges of raising funds is more difficult now, but not impossible. Learn how to find new resources and grow your income with collaborations.

  • 3

    To connect with peers for collaboration and support

    Nonprofit initiatives all too often are led by the visionary with limited support from others, and faces burnout and feels all alone while building out their vision. In this program, participants connect weekly in group sessions for encouragement and energy.

  • 4

    To have immediately implementable tools and systems to install in your organization

    Most visionary leaders have unique ideas and a passion for changing lives. There’s no need to reinvent the wheel! There are templates and processes that can be utilized and adapted to your particular needs. Get the tools and make them yours!

Here's What You'll Get!

In addition to the connection to peers, you will receive Hugh's time-proven lessons for planning, leadership upgrades, team building, organizational development, and specific knowledge for creating a nonprofit organization.

5 Pillars to Success

Hugh's mini-course on the essential 5 components for a successful, sustainable organization facilitated by Hugh himself.


The "How-To" guide to attaining self-sufficiency in today's unsure and ever challenging world for nonprofits and their leaders.

Better Leader Guide

The full script and workbook for Hugh's popular and important guide for reaching your potential as a leader with tools and templates.

No Worries... We have you covered!

If you doubt your ability to launch a new nonprofit organization, don't worry, we've got your back.

Peer-to-Peer Support

Weekly Q & A sessions with others in the community and in this Initiative

Relevant Content

How-to-lessons on how to do each step of launching a nonprofit

Regular Activities

Options for participating in activities for learning and collaboration


Get the SynerVision System for Your Nonprofit

This is a customizable system with a step-by-step guides for implementing or revising strategies your nonprofit organization. 

  • Revise and Clarify Your Vision for 2021
  • Engage and Empower Your Board and Volunteers
  • Create More Fundable Options

This is the empowerment system you have been looking for and the collaboration that will support you!

What people have said about working with Hugh

In over 32 years of work with leaders in many fields, Hugh has assisted them in unlocking their potential and building a more successful, sustainable, more effective organization.


Rev. Katheen Panning

Ministry Coach

Building My Business Model

I engaged Hugh because of his expertise in my field to assist me in building my coaching and consulting business. He assisted me in clarifying my plan and setting specific, attainable goals.

Garrett Gunderson

Finance Specialist

Team Facilitation

Hugh can help with the most critical conversations any organization must have, to bring forth the leadership that is there but many times unrecognized. With Hugh, progress is inevitable and in a much shorter time.

Gerri Kier

Nutrition Expert

Board Engagement

Hugh gave me great ideas on how to work with my board and I had no idea that I would get so many workable ideas and tools in such a short time that I could hit the ground running and implement immediately.

Mark Hattas

Nonprofit Founder

Hugh's Process is Helpful

His process is wonderful and he has an ability to lead in many different areas to successfully put together the strategic plan and execution elements to getting an organization off the ground, and he has been so supportive of engaging with us and setting us up for success. His process allowed our team to define the future and believe in our ability.

Dr. Jeffrey Magee

Fortune 50 Consultant

Conductor Knows Leadership

In a world of know-everything experts, it is beyond awesome to find someone that actually knows from which they speak …. the Orchestra Director blew me away and pulled me in with his captivating style, grace in words, and impactful strategies …. You need to experience the grace and power of Hugh Ballou at least once, and you will become a fan instantly.

Dr. Tad Hardin

President, Lynchburg Symphony

Orchestrating Success

Hugh began consulting with the LSO at a critical time, actively engaging our Board of Directors and steering us toward building a vision for expanded growth and influence in our community.  His work brought clarity to our goals, structure to our staff and committees, and energy to our future planning.  It’s a different (and better) organization than before.

Lynn Sanders

Story Coach

Growing My Network

I joined the Synervision Nonprofit Leadership Cohort community when it started and have built relationships and built my network. Hugh's "vault" of information is a valuable resource for any nonprofit leader or consultant.

Jessica Arrington

Nonprofit Leader

Building Connections

I joined the SynerVision community to build connections with innovative leaders all across the globe that last a lifetime. Hugh Ballou provides powerful sessions that provide value and insight. The benefits are incredible

Katrina Howard

Nonprofit Founder

Board Engagement

In the SynerVision community I have learned how to create a strategy and build my board. Hugh Ballou has helped me write a strategic plan in order to grow my nonprofit to help women veterans. I see value to the journey ahead.

Dr. Tammye Matthews

Wellness Professional

Hugh's Process is Helpful

I am grateful to be a part of the SynerVision Community. I have benefitted from the collaboration and have learned leadership skills to help not only my company, but also the nonprofit organization that I serve called Safe. I appreciate having a road map to be more successful now and in the long term.

Doyle Davis

Nonprofit Founder

Continuing Support

I wanted to create a short video to thank Hugh Ballou for his continuing support, mentorship, and friendship over many years through SynerVision. Your skills and service extend all the way back to when I was just starting. I wanted other people to know about your wise council and how long you have been teaching others.

Debra Knoble

Nonprofit Founder

Pathway to Success

I discovered the SynerVision Community through an email introducing me to Hugh's 31 Days to Becoming a Better Leader. It was a great fit for me. Joining the community has given me other people to talk to on the same path. Hugh and SynerVision have been a great help to me providing resources as I move forward.

Is this Membership Right for You?

This membership, with a special community to support your journey, is available for anyone with a desire to grow a nonprofit and in this customizable system learn to create local and national collaborations creating a new roadmap to reaching the potential of your nonprofit to impact lives and change the world one step at a time.


Join the community alone and find a community of collaborations


Join with a business leader who is a stakeholder in your nonprofit to create greater impact together!

It's good for your local community...

It's good for both your nonprofit...

And it's good for the business leader and their business as well!


  • Business professionals wanting to do more in their community by assisting a local nonprofit

  • Clergy wanting to raise the bar on their own skill for existing ministries and new ones

  • Nonprofit leaders wanting to create more impact through collaborations

  • Visionary people wanting tactical systems for growing their dream


  • Those just wanting a job only and those who don't have an entrepreneurship mindset

  • Those who think only others should do things 

  • Those who think that things are ok as is and don't want to do anything different

  • Those who don't see the value of building collaborations with other local businesses and nonprofits and want work alone

Bonus Section. Time to Over Deliver!

When you join this exclusive group you not only get the a wide range of content, optional weekly power sessions, networking with peers, expert process facilitators, and encouragement, you also receive the following bonuses.

Hugh's Mini-Course: Building the 5 Pillars of Success

In the short course, leaders identify the 5 components essential for organizational success. This video course has 6 modules easily completed in just a brief period of time with action guides for each lesson. Value = $97

Hugh's Report "Creating a Sustainable, Profitable Enterprise"

Everyone has the option of starting up a new enterprise, either for-profit or nonprofit, however not every startup gets sustainable funding to be able to fully achieve their mission and impact lives. This report is a brief overview of how to set up sustainability from the very beginning. Value = Priceless

Full Workbook for 31 Days to Becoming a Better Leader

This companion workbook to the free podcast provides information and insights for true leaders which is not always what we have been taught. Price value = $30

Register Today! Don't Miss Out on this Opportunity!

To provide continuity and synergy, this program will launch on November 16 - 30 and then will close to new applicants. Be sure to register for the list so you will be notified and get the link to join others in transforming the world for good.

Open Now!

Deadline Extended Due to Demand

This community only opens a few times per year. You will only be able to register until December 7, 2020.

Don't miss out this discount will not be available again! Register alone even if you don't have a business leader to invite - you will have ability to let them join you later.



Nonprofit Collaboration Cohort Membership

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Questions? This program is so unique I’m sure you do. Here’s some answers to the most frequent of them.

Just click the arrows. 

What if I don't have a business leader to invite?

Collaboration is always possible even if you don't already have a suitable collaboration partner right now. A big part of this program is to understand the power of collaboration and then learn how to find the best partner to invite.

Is this a self-study, group, or community ?

What is the cost for all of this value ?

What if I have doubts about my abilties?

We all have our limitations and we all have our unique point of excellence, so we focus on what we do well and find others to fill the gaps in our skills to build our healthy teams. This program allows anyone to step up their game.

Are there any hidden costs?

Do I have to commit long-term?

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Meet the Host

Hugh Ballou


Transforming Organizations: It Begins with Self-Transformation

Hugh Ballou is The Transformational Leadership Strategist and Corporate Culture Architect working with visionary CEOs, entrepreneurs, pastors, and nonprofit leaders and their teams to develop a purpose-driven high performance collaborative culture.


With 40 years as musical conductor, Ballou uses the leadership skills utilized daily by the conductor in teaching relevant leadership skills and showing leaders in business, church, or nonprofit organizations the power of creating a high performance culture that responds to the nuances of the leader as a skilled orchestra responds to the musical director. 


Thanks to our event sponsor


Meet the Speakers

Click on the Images to view their video

Bob Hopkins


Philanthropy Misunderstood: Cultivating Philanthropy

The word PHILANTHROPY isn’t new, but many think being a philanthropist is about money. In Bob Hopkins’ new book, he assures us it IS NOT. He and 100 of his friends define, by way of their good deeds, that philanthropy is about LOVE OF MANKIND. Philanthropy Misunderstood is a 256 page coffee- table book that will surely entertain and inform you. You won’t want to put it down. It is colorful and exciting.

Bishop Kevin Williams


The Renewing of the Mind for Transformation

Dr. Kevin Williams is a noted minister, author, media personality, and acclaimed motivational speaker on subjects from life’s turning points and the challenges of being single in today’s world, to reinvention of oneself and the role of religion and spirituality in a person’s life. 

Thyonne Gordon


The Responsibility of the Board During a Crisis

Dr. Thyonne Gordon is an accomplished social profit management expert, writer and producer. Her work with 501c3 organizations has created growth-oriented businesses, strong board governance, productive teams and sustainable fundraising strategies using her proven technique of the S.T.O.R.Y.  Accelerator™.  Dr. Gordon has empowered hundreds of organizations nationwide. 

Dr. David Gruder


How to Re-Envision Leader Self-Development

Dr. David Gruder, PhD, DCEP, is an 12-award-winning clinical, organizational, and enterprise success psychologist with a background in master planning.


Gruder co-founded Willingness Works in 1988; became founding president in 1998 of a still-thriving international nonprofit, the Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology; and is currently President of Integrity Culture Systems™. Radio-TV Interview Report named Dr. Gruder "America's Integrity Expert" in 2008, and he has received a visionary leadership award and a culture creation award.

Bishop Ebony Kirkland


Collaboration Among Organizations

Despite her success in the business arena, Dr. Ebony Kirkland felt drawn into the Ministry. She often cited a need to serve God in a more profound way, sharing her talents and expertise in expanding and working on behalf of “The Kingdom”. Bishop Kirkland has formed a Worldwide Association of Small Churches. The main goal of the association is to provide mentorship and training for small church pastors. She was consecrated into the office of the Bishop by the College of Bishop of the Council of International Charismatic Bishops (CICB) to serve as the Presiding Bishop of the Church of the Living God Ministries Worldwide.

Sherita Oglesby


How to Research and Receive Grants

Operating by her motto “You Are Your Only Limitation (YAYOL)”, Sherita Herring is a motivating speaker, radio personality and best-selling author. She has successfully raised over $30 million and formed more than 600 businesses operating globally, including in more than 17 countries.  She’s a sought-after speaker, motivator, best-selling author, radio personality and business strategist.


For more than 27 years she has tirelessly worked behind the scenes coaching, facilitating and/or strategizing with some of the top social entrepreneurs, celebrities and organizations in the world