How to Put Your Political & Social Anger to Good Use​

Tuesday, November 6th, 4:00 pm EST


In a world gone mad with hyperpolarization and ideological extremism, anger continues to create untold harm on a daily basis. At home, at work, in the media, in politics, and throughout in society.


Of all our emotions, anger is perhaps the feeling we most tend to mess up.


Most anger is little more than victim energy in dramatic form. Neither venting anger nor anger management are particularly useful.


It’s time to shift anger from destructive to effective.


Anger comes in four distinctly different, yet rarely recognized, varieties. Each requires a very different response.


In this webinar, you'll discover how to convert harmful anger into helpful anger, and then use helpful anger in ways that have positive impact.


If you're looking for ways to deal with angry people in an angry culture, you've definitely got to tune in.

About the speaker

Dr. David Gruder's training is as a Clinical & Organizational Development Psychologist. Now, after over 40 years in the field, he calls himself a "Recovering Psychologist." Dr. Gruder is the President of Integrity Culture Systems™, the Executive Director of the CIHS Center for Integral Leadership, and an advisor to the Synervision Leadership Foundation. His mission is is Making Integrity Profitable, Leaders Elevated, Collaborators Productive, Happiness Sustainable, & Cultures Healthy.™

An internationally acclaimed activational speaker, trainer, facilitator, consultant and trusted advisor, Dr. Gruder has provided keynotes and training programs in 7 countries on 3 continents on well over 100 topics. He has authored or been featured in 23 books, and has provided multiple hundreds of media interviews, including twice, Forbes 18 times, and multiple times in Hugh Ballou's Nonprofit Performance Magazine.


One of David's areas of expertise that few people know about is Anger Effectiveness. He grew up so scared of and intimidated by anger that by the time he was 16, one of his battle cries was "I don't do anger." It wasn't until he was in his 40s, back in the 1990s, that he at last befriended anger, when he was trained in what is perhaps the most complete Anger Literacy system that's ever been developed in the field of psychology. Since then he has given countless programs around the world on Full-Spectrum Anger Literacy & Effectiveness.™ This in fact is the topic of one of his online courses, called Conquering Anger Mountain.


David's here today to talk about what we can do about the massive harm that angry-gone-awry is having in today's divisive hyperpolarized society.