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In the past 7 + years of The Nonprofit Exchange interviews, we have been able to address multiple topics to provide wisdom, insights, and knowledge to inspire, encourage, and equip leaders in every field and especially leaders of nonprofits and clergy doing the most difficult work anywhere.

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Wisdom and knowledge are available for those willing to listen.

There are, certainly many, many more reasons to listen.


Benefit #1: Knowledge

Over the past 7 1/2 years, experts from many different backgrounds and professions have shared knowledge that isn't commonly found in text books or consolidated online and available for free to nonprofit leaders and clergy.


Benefit #2: Relevant and Applicable Tools

Learn about writing a strategic plan, board member roles and responsibilities, about recruiting board members, marketing, branding, personal leadership development, and many more topics that are essential to leading in difficult times.


Benefit #3: Funding

Learn from fundraising professionals about the essential elements of attracting donors and how to make the organization you lead fundable. Learn how leaders either attract funding to repel money because of negative scripts and shadow.


Benefit #4: Full Library of Interviews

Currently, there are almost 300 interviews on multiple topics with full transcripts for study and download. The episodes are available as video, audio, and print for review and study without limits. Subscript to the audio podcast on your smartphone, too.


Grab the Special Deal for You

Get Hugh Ballou's special report, "Self-Sufficiency: Creating a Profitable, Sustainable Business," which also applies to nonprofits or religious organizations. It's free as Hugh's gift for subscribing to The Nonprofit Exchange.



Watch the New Series on C-Suite TV

New interviews with the top leaders from past interviews in a shorter and more focused session are now on C-Suite TV for all leaders. This is additional content not found in the existing videos or podcasts. You'll be glad that you discovered this valuable resource.


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