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Hugh Ballou's 4 Leadership Principles

Master these four principles and be a better leader wherever you lead no matter where you are in an organization.


#1 Foundations: Define and Achieve Your Vision

Be clear about your vision and skilled in sharing your vision, so others understand why they should follow you. Then upgrade your skills to lead your organization in fulfilling that vision, with a strong and active team, generating the revenue you deserve.


#2 Relationships: Surround Yourself with Capable Teams

Solid relationships are the foundation for effective leadership, good communication, and generating sufficient revenue to fulfill your organization's mission. So, you want a personality traits list. Ok, look in this program for answers for yourself and others.


#3 Systems: Create Effective Systems

We define our vision and strategy to achieve that vision and then create healthy teams for the work. Too many times we don't create efficient systems for talented people to actually use that talent and to achieve personal job satisfaction.


#4 Balance: Set Your Rhythm and Pace and Prevent Burnout

This last and most important of the four principles is crucial for making the other three principles work. Manage yourself and regain control over your calendar. Learn why leaders burnout and how to avoid the burnout trap.


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